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Where coffee lovers and active individuals unite!

Always fresh and roasted daily, our small batch coffee is the perfect addition for an active lifestyle. Sourced from the best beans around the world giving you consistent quality in every cup. But it’s not just coffee. It’s coffee with a point! A percentage of every purchase goes to helping our kids in local sports clubs stay fit and healthy. Feel good, stay active and enjoy great coffee!

Welcome to MAVA Activation!

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How we give back to the community.

Co-Ed Flag football team Don't Nap had a long day at the park with league games in the morning and tournament games at night. To show our support to the team we sponsored their lunch with pizza, wings and some refreshments. The appreciation that they displayed was priceless. (top left image taken by Genae Photography)

Team Coalition has 3 divisions and is part of The SFAAA Softball League. The team is based out of Ft. Lauderdale with players located though out South Florida. Every Sunday practice and/or games they have fresh MAVA Activation Coffee to keep them going. The team was given a swag bag with a gaiter, sunglasses and a hat that came from all the business that sponsored the three divisions. Have a great season Team Coalition!! (top right image)

Louis one of the Don't Nap Flag Football players was given a new pair of gloves to make sure he can concentrate on his league games and tournament. As you can see from the picture, Vanessa, Co-Founder of MAVA Activation had a great feeling watching him put on his new gloves in appreciation. (bottom left image)

Let's continue to give back to the community with every purchase you can make a difference!