What is Small Batch Coffee?

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What is Small Batch Coffee?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected American households in a variety of ways. It certainly caused many of us to spend more time at home. Which means, drinking more coffee from home. So, why not enjoy premium small batch coffee instead of ordering from large roasters? 


When it comes to small batch coffee, It is about the size of the batch roasted in relation to the roasting cylinder’s maximum capacity. Small batch coffee is typically roasted in batches up to 50 pounds and the flavor tends to be closer to a fresh oven-baked coffee.  

Small batch coffee is made with particular attention to detail. To achieve the optimal roast, you need to be able to control temperature. humidity. atmospheric pressure, barometric pressure, and bean water content. You must also have an even layer of beans in the roasting cylinder. If the cylinder is too full, the beans cannot agitate; which produces an uneven roast where the top beans are under roasted and the bottom beans are burnt. There can also be issues if there aren’t enough beans. If the beans can bounce around too freely, the batch will also be inconsistent. 

Essentially, roasting at less than maximum capacity is a skill. A trained roaster is required to monitor the beans at all times since small batches roast at a higher rate than large batches. So, why does small batch coffee taste better? 


Small batch coffee comes with extra love and care. When a company, such as MAVA Activation, roasts limited batches, they tend to be more passionate and actually take the time to make sure each ounce goes above and beyond standard. Small batch roasters take the time to hand select the perfect beans to create the perfect roast, whereas large batch roasters use machines to sift through thousands, sometimes millions, of beans. 

Small batches also equate to a fresher roast. According to the National Coffee Association USA, “coffee begins to lose freshness almost immediately after roasting.“ Small batch roasters tend to keep a low inventory, which means you benefit from the freshness of the roast. Small batches are also easier to modify to fit a certain flavor profile.

Ultimately, when you choose small batch coffee you are getting the freshest, highest quality roast out there. If you are a true coffee lover, the choice is a no- brainer. You are also supporting a small, local business and helping your community thrive! 


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