From Co-workers to friends, Marvin and Vanessa teamed up with one vision in mind, “Create a coffee company that is so delicious you can’t wait to start your day!” 


Vanessa: “But it can’t just be delicious coffee. We have to help people too!”
Marvin:    “Absolutely!” “Now what should we call it?”
Marvin:    “Slow down little tiger." "Since we both live active lives, let’s call it… ‘MAVA Activation’.” "MA for Marvin and VA for Vanessa."
With a brief pause to soak it in,
MAVA Activation Coffee Co. was born!

A little Background

Growing up in Nicaragua, Marvin was no stranger to fresh coffee. Experiencing the cultivation process first hand, he always had his best memories outside; sitting with family and friends, cherishing the moment over a fresh cup. 

Vanessa, fueled by double shot espresso and a zest for life, always embraces her cuban roots and love for people. With a passion to help others get through difficult times, inspired by her wife; she has become an active member in the LGBTQ+ community to  guide many through life's ups and downs.

Living an active lifestyle and always being involved with the community, Mava Activation makes sure proceeds go towards local charitable sports organizations and youth optimist clubs. 

Our Guarantee

  • Fresh small batch coffee
  • Fastest delivery from our artisan roaster to your door step
  • Delicious flavors with 0 sugar!
Live life to the fullest and enjoy!